Here is a list of some of the many services we provide.

Eye tests

Here at Compton Acres Opticians our main focus is testing your eyes to ensure that you have the best and most informed idea of the condition of your eyes. We don’t rush our tests the way most other opticians unfortunately do. Your eye test is detailed and done properly in order to get the most accurate information so that we can move forward in helping you improve or maintain your eyesight. This is the most popular of all our services.

Eyecare advice

Whether or not you book an eye test, our experienced and professional staff are always at hand to provide eyecare advice. This is a standard part of your eye test whereby our head optician advises you on how best to take care of your eye sight, as well as making suggestions on treatments or products that can help improve or maintain your eyesight. Even if you haven’t booked an eye test, feel free to call, e-mail, or even visit our practice to ask anything eye-related.

Spectacle service

We hold a wide variety of frames for every age, occasion, budget, and lifestyle. And the best part is that they’re all affordable! From luxury designers such as Swarovski and Tag Heuer, to more budget frames that still look trendy and smart, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Suggestions will be made by our optician and our optical assistants at the end of your eye test, so that you can have the latest in lens technology that will last years and provide the best experience and health to your eyes. Be sure to visit us to take a look at our range, an eye test isn’t required!


Come and check out our massive range of sunglasses. Try them on, see how you look, and get ready for those sunny days both here in the UK and on holiday! We can add extra features to your sunglasses’ lenses such as your prescriptions and anti-glare coating so the sun doesn’t dazzle your eyes when you’re out and about with your loved ones, driving around, or just sitting in the garden enjoying the sun.

Home visits

Do you need an eye test for yourself or a loved one but for whatever reason are unable to visit our practice? No problem! Our optician is fully equipped to conduct a full eye test in the comfort of your home. Call us today on 0115 9455726 to book an appointment.

Contact lens orders

We receive contact lenses for most of our patients, and we’re happy to do so for you, too. It allows us to ensure you’re getting the correct lenses, and that you receive them on time. We also inform you of any developments and new products that may suit your eyes better, as well as stock supplies of the products you need along with your lenses, such as solution, saline, cases, and many others.

Eye tests at The Friary

Compton Acres Opticians is proud to be in association with The Friary. It is our way of doing what we can to help our local community, and provide services to those who are struggling and in need. Our relationship began in 2015 and we hope it continues. Be sure to visit their page and even make a contribution to the cause by clicking here.

Lark Hill Retirement Village

We also help the Lark Hill Retirement Village by conducting eye tests for senior citizens. It allows us to help take care of the elderly at the time in their lives when they need us most. Compton Acres Opticians prides itself on making a positive difference with the people who are the backbone of our community.

Free hearing care with Correct Hearing

We are happy to announce that Compton Acres Opticians now officially provides free hearing care in conjunction with Correct Hearing. This allows us to not only look after your eyes, but also your ears. Call today for more information.